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Related article: Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 10:32:23 -0700 From: Chuckles Chuckerson Subject: Adventures of a Manipulative Bottom (Chapter Two)Adventures of a Manipulative BottomChapter Two"God, your ass is so tight," panted Dr. Ringwald as he pummeled into the smirking teen on top of him. London was bouncing up and down on Dr. Ringwald's lap with the older man's thick cock deeply embedded inside the teen's round ass. London broke a sweat as he looked down at the muscular doctor who was lying with his back to the floor, thrusting upward into his patient's waiting canal. He moaned loudly as the older man grabbed him by the waist and forced him all the way down onto his fully enlarged dick. London sucked on the thick fingers that were placed in his mouth as he intentionally caused his anus to spasm around the married penis that took control of him. The two were surrounded by dolls, toys, and kiddy videos as the maid hadn't been by to clean up the room yet. The sneaky teen had managed to get the guilty father of two to fuck him in his daughter's room. London knew that the conflict of cheating on his wife and having sex with the half black, sexy young hunk inside of his kid's room would confuse Dr. Ringwald and put him in a more vulnerable state. The doctor tried not to focus on his surroundings, but instead focus on the beautiful physique of the troubled cum-filled slut who continually seduced him into these hot sex sessions all over the house he had built with his wife. One stab too many on London's prostate and with a groan of defeat the athlete lost all the strength he had been using to dominate the fuck. Dr. Ringwald used his brute strength to flip the boy over onto his stomach. He kneaded the plump buttocks and spread them apart to marvel at the tantalizing sight of the pussy hole he had creamed already twice today. Giving each cheek a spank made more and more of the doctor's fertile seed trail down from the winking hole onto the man's waiting fingers. He stuck his fingers back into London's gaping mouth while simultaneously re-inserting his powerful penis into the cummy velvet man hole. The boy sucked the fingers and swallowed the man's cum eagerly in lusty appreciation of the doctor's raw masculinity. In everyday situations, the man is very giving and paternalistic, especially in light of his strong Christian faith. However, London knew just how to bring out the dominating, dirty-talking side of the religious man that made him abandon all thought of holiness and only think about the desire to dump a hot load of semen into the moaning, squirming bottom. Now the doctor put all his weight down onto the helpless body below and wrapped his arms under the kid's chest to caress the perfectly molded pecs and abs."Mmmmm," London moaned erotically as he was used as a fuck toy by the now wildly aroused dominant man."Where do you want my seed, boy?" Dr. Ringwald whispered into London's left ear, which was slightly red from being bitten."In my ass!" the pressured teen whined pleadingly as he squirmed his ass around and made his ass suck on the throbbing dick like a baby sucking a bottle."Jesus, you need it bad, boy. Get on your back," Dr. Ringwald ordered firmly yet tenderly. As London got on his back, he looked up at the older man with an intense gaze letting him know he was submitting his will and body completely. The doctor plunged back into the depths of the boy's ass and immediately began pumping hard. Their eyes never left each other's gaze as London squirmed and maneuvered in order to get Dr. Ringwald's plentiful load as soon as possible."Please cum in me, Dr. Ringwald; please breed me like you would your wife!" London pleaded desperately.With the mention of his wife, Dr. Ringwald got filled with anger and guilt. The slut had seduced him knowing he had a wife and kids and the man was beginning to wonder if London even cared. In a rage, the doctor began to thrust even harder, causing London to finally cry out and spew his cum load all over his own hard abs and nipples. With the boy's velvety ass spasming like crazy, the older man grunted in defeat once again releasing a plentiful load into the waiting canal.London could see that Dr. Ringwald had experienced a wave of guilt (both for fucking the boy forcibly in anger and for forsaking his familial duties as a loyal husband) after ejaculating and began to look around his child's messy room. "Next time... if there is a next time, I mean, would you please not entice me in my children's room?""Yes, sir... I'm sorry, it's just that I was in here cleaning and when you entered the room to scold me for skipping school, you reminded me of my... it won't happen again," London lied as he continued to squirm his ass to suck more cum from the married dick inside him. He had every intention of seducing the father anywhere he pleased, including the bed he shared with Mrs. Ringwald.London Harrison's agenda had worked out perfectly so far. After seducing the good doctor into a wild hair-pulling, ass-spanking, dirty-talking fuck session in his very own office, London convinced Dr. Ringwald to cancel the rest of his appointments and spend the rest of the work day inseminating the teenager's bubble butt with the older man's semen. By the end of the day, London no longer had to beg Dr. Ringwald to let him stay with him; the thoroughly sexed up, muscular doctor practically carried the young athlete over the threshold into his lavish home. Located in the richest neighborhood in town, London almost came in his white cotton briefs at the thought of living amongst all of these Preteen Hussyfan Pictures riches. He had been used to living in ghetto conditions most of his life, yet knew he would one day be able to use his delectable assets to get him into a position of fame and fortune. Sexing up the wealthy father of two was his first step towards his goal.Living in Dr. Ringwald's eighteen bedroom mansion was better than London had even imagined. With the doctor and his wife owning most of the pediatric practices in town, London knew he was in exactly the right place to acquire millions.Mrs. Ringwald was a red-headed, pretty fair skinned, overly friendly lady who liked London immediately. She sympathized with the teen's unfortunate situation of losing not only his real parents at a young age, but losing a foster father he came to love as his own. Citing the Bible and the need to help others, she agreed that he could stay with them for at least a month until other arrangements could be made. While she loved having the charismatic boy around the house to brighten things up, London was overjoyed to learn she'd be leaving for a week with the kids to visit her sister; he secretly found her to be too touchy feely and annoying. He could see why the emotional Dr. Ringwald might like her. He was very gentle and coddling with his wife and the children which almost made London jealous. Almost. He could see that the man's true nature as an animalistic, dominating sexual ruffian had been too tainted and tamed by his involvement in helping others, religion, and family life. Now it was up to London to bring this side out of him enough so that at just the right moment, he could use the doctor's weakness for his beautiful butt to make millions.During Mrs. Ringwald's trip, London walked around the house naked except for some too-small cotton briefs that his foster father, Papi, had bought for him a few years ago. Dr. Ringwald would come home from work and find the kid laying on his stomach pretending to be asleep, with his briefs half way down his ass, accentuating the melon-like shape in a thoroughly erotic and slutty way. There would be a tiny wet spot from where some previous cum was leaking out of his hole and staining the too-tight briefs. During the day, the doctor would pray for forgiveness to God and resolve to abstain from fucking the boy anymore. He thought for sure he Preteen Hussyfan Pictures would go to hell for cheating on his loyal wife and betraying his family for his hot and heavy fornication sessions with the mixed under-aged teen. Of course, London knew the Christian man who was so involved in church activities would try to pray his way out of temptation. "I've got to be more tempting than Satan himself!" London would laugh to himself. Of course, once he came home and found the boy practically begging for more cock, Dr. Ringwald would find himself once again exposing his muscular body to the lewd teen before pinning the boy to the floor for another intense pump-and-dump session.London managed to bed the straight man at least twice a day for the duration of Mrs. Ringwald's trip. They fucked all over the mansion: in the kitchen, in the living room, and even once in the maid's quarters. Maria, who had been in the cleaning business for over 30 years, was scrutinizing about finding every inch of dirt and grime. In fact, she could be a little too scrutinizing, in London's perception, as he observed that her keen eye for dirt didn't just stop with dishes and mopping. He would catch her eyeing him suspiciously and throwing clothes at him while babbling in Spanish when he walked around the house naked. London would merely smile at her and continue to poke out his chest and ass on his path to making the doctor so hot and horny he would finally lose control and dick the boy down as quickly as possible. He had already clouded the man's judgment enough to get him to fuck him on the floor of his daughter's room and he eventually got Dr. Ringwald to screw him doggy style in the married couple's bed. London bit Mrs. Ringwald's pillow as he wondered if his loud moans of pleasure could be heard in outer space, so he was sure that Maria had heard at least something. The doctor, who knew so much about anatomy, knew just how to screw the cum out of the globe-assed teen by applying constant pressure to his prostate, causing him to yell out in moans, groans, and yelps of ecstasy. He wasn't too worried about Maria, though. If she got too mouthy, London would find a way to get rid of her one way or another.Unfortunately, Mrs. Ringwald returned with the kids all too soon on a Saturday evening putting an end to the nonstop fuck fest. London helped Maria cook dinner in the kitchen and continued to smile in response to her disapproving stares. At the dinner table, Mrs. Ringwald doted over London, complimenting his sense of humor, cooking ability, and good looks."I'm surprised you don't have a girlfriend, young man! You're one of the handsomest boys in your school, I'm willing to bet!" she squealed as she stroked his cheek. London thanked her and smiled disingenuously while secretly wanting to slap her hand away and brag about how just an hour ago, her husband had been pumping mercilessly at his tight asshole. In fact, every time she would pat London on the back, a tiny bit of Dr. Ringwald's plentiful semen would leak out into his underwear. He gave a less-than-subtle look of desire towards the doctor who began to sip his wine nervously."We're going to church in the morning, London, and if you'll be staying here with us, we'll expect you to come with us. After all, this is a Christian home. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, London?" Mrs. Ringwald inquired imperceptibly."Of course!" London quickly lied, causing Dr. Ringwald to choke on a bit of steak. "I was raised in the church my whole life and I'm completely devoted to... serving him. In fact, I'm in service of the master day and night!" London explained a little more truthfully. Before heading to bed that night, the good doctor went to London's room only with the intention of saying good night, but ended up receiving another first class blow job before pounding the kid once more, depositing two loads of hot semen into the stimulated bowels.The next morning, Dr. Ringwald and Mrs. Ringwald held hands in a pew in a large white chapel with high stained glass windows. The doctor was praying for forgiveness and the strength to resist the advances of the sex-crazed athlete who was living under the same roof with him. London, bored to death in a church for the first time, sat to the left of Dr. Ringwald while Mrs. Ringwald sat to the right with the children next to her. London couldn't stand the two poster children of Christian perfection that the married couple had conceived. As a child, London ran wild and couldn't even begin to fathom or understand the unchecked obedience the kids gave to their parents. However, in front of Mrs. Ringwald, London acted like the wonderful big brother the kids never had. As Mrs. Ringwald's father gave the sermon, London began to drift off and remember his life with his foster father and lover, Papi...An orphan from birth, London went from foster home to foster home until he went to live with Jorge Dominguez, an old friend of London's dead father. Jorge, who he later came to call Papi, stood tall with his broad, hairy chest leading him into a room. His years as a construction worker had given him an impressive physique; one that London couldn't keep his eyes off of from the start. Even though the father and son lived in the ghetto, Jorge somehow managed to buy a decent sized house and furnish the place nicely. London respected Jorge's rugged musculature and roughneck demeanor from the start, but most of all he couldn't take his eyes off of his new father's massive cock. Jorge rarely wore anything but boxers around the house, showing off his ruggedly developed hairy chest and arms that could lift anything. In an effort to seduce his new daddy, London began following suit, never wearing anything but a jockstrap when he was home alone with Papi. While Jorge had never had any sexual feelings for another man, the plump ass of his new son reminded him of a bouncing pair of tits with a hole to fuck in the middle of them.After coming home drunk one night, Jorge stripped naked once again revealing the amazing things construction work does to a body. When he got into bed, he was surprised to find London there waiting for him with his ass in the air. London lied and said his bed was infested with bed bugs and they would need to sleep together tonight. Jorge woke up in the middle of the night to find London sucking his dick and eventually swallowing down seven whole loads of his pent up man juice. Pissed that he had been manipulated by his son, he flipped the boy onto his stomach and immediately stuck his massive semi-erection into the Preteen Hussyfan Pictures boy's open canal. "Oooooh, Papi, please fuck me. I've wanted your dick in me Preteen Hussyfan Pictures for so long!" London cried out in carnal pleasure.Papi continued to pile drive his big dick into his son's squirming and spasming asshole, causing the teen to moan like he'd never been fucked before. This was the first, but certainly, not the last of Papi's discipline fucks. During discipline fucks, London is not allowed to receive any of Papi's spit, semen, or affection. He is forced onto his stomach and spanked the whole time while Papi thrusts into him with stern force. "Don't try to manipulate your Papi!" Jorge ordered as he spanked the bad teen's jiggling ass. "Yes, sir!" London answered honestly. These discipline fucks were the only thing that could make London actually listen and follow through with commands. Each forcible thrust from Papi's masculine, buffed up body caused London to take notice of the power of a truly dominant man. The deprivation of not receiving Papi's amazing and warm cum load at the end of the fuck left London feeling truly sorry. Not only that, but each spank from Papi's large hands would cause London's bubble butt hole to spasm, bringing him closer and closer to climax. However at the time of orgasm, Papi would enclose his hand over the end of London's dick and deny the boy his much needed release. The thoroughly disciplined boy would whine and pout and beg for Papi to cum in his ass, but the muscular Hispanic would simply pull London off of his dick and spank him further, leaving him even hotter and yet unsatisfied.Besides the discipline fucks, the two had a beautiful father/son/lover relationship which slowly but surely was changing London from a bad boy slut into a more well rounded teenager. However once Jorge mysteriously disappeared after leaving work one day, London immediately fell back on what he knew most: how to manipulate strong, masculine men with the temptation of fucking his ass.The reverend was still going on about resisting temptation and the threat of hell. The thought of Papi's massive chest heaving over on top of him made London's ass begin to twitch in need. Dr. Ringwald had gotten up in the middle of the sermon to the restroom and hadn't returned in a while. With a smile, Mrs. Ringwald told London to "be a dear" and go nose around and see what her husband was doing. The sneaky Preteen Hussyfan Pictures slut gladly obliged as he was tired of sitting in the boring old chapel and was in desperate need of a strong man's body. After looking in the bathroom, London found the doctor kneeling in front of an altar in a sort of mini prayer room. He knelt in front of a large painting of Jesus hanging on the cross. The painting was surrounded by lit candles as the man prayed aloud."God, what have I done? I know it is your will, Lord, that I take care of this poor child who has been through so much. You have Preteen Hussyfan Pictures delivered him to me to mold and give guidance to and this is what I have done? Please, Jesus, show me how to resist evil. Show me how to resist temptation!" Dr. Ringwald pled.London's anus twitched and his dick throbbed at the sight before him. Before he was through with the Ringwalds, they would need all the prayers they could utter. He loved seeing the strong, virile man on his knees confused and conflicted because of the power the boy held over the man. London laughed at Dr. Ringwald's misperception. He thought he was supposed to discipline the teen in some way and give him guidance when really it was London who would soon hold all the cards.They could both hear the choir begin to sing in the chapel as London approached the kneeling doctor. "I want to pray, too. And I want you to help me" London said suggestively."You do?" asked the doctor baffled by the teen's sudden interest in religion."Yes, Dr. Ringwald, please teach me how to pray. You stand up and I'll kneel." said London innocently. The man didn't know where the boy was going with this, but he knew that he surely wouldn't attempt a sexual escapade in church in the middle of prayer. The man stood up while London knelt in front of him. London immediately grabbed Dr. Ringwald's dick in his mouth through the man's church slacks."London, what are you doing! This is a holy-"the doctor started to object."Lord, thank you for inventing such a marvelous cock..." London began to "pray" as he unzipped the older man's pants. "And for creating Adam with the need to fuck Eve... or in this case... Steve." London smirked evilly as he knew the man was by now defenseless against resisting the hot sixteen years old, even in a chapel.Dr. Ringwald grunted in defeat and grabbed the boy by his hair, forcing his head all the way down on his large cock. "You demonic slut!" he exclaimed in disgust. "It's like you've been sent here by the devil to tempt me!"London took the precum dripping from the doctor's dick and put it on his finger. With a sly grin, he pulled down his own slacks, once again revealing his delectable ass. With the precum on his finger, he slowly drew a cross on his anus before bending over onto the painting of Jesus, looking over his shoulder invitingly, and arching his back in order to give up his ass as an offering.Dr. Ringwald opened his eyes wide was in utter amazement at the sexual audacity of the boy: the buff older man was now completely consumed in equal arousal and disgust. "You filthy, sacrilegious whore!" roared the doctor lustily while he pushed the boy's face into the painting as he forcibly entered his ass through the cum-drawn cross on London's puckering pussy hole. London's almost womanly cry Preteen Hussyfan Pictures of pleasure rang out, but thankfully could not be heard because of the volume of the large choir in the chapel next door. Mrs. Ringwald had sent the boy she trusted to look after her husband and unbeknownst to her, he was looking after him alright. Dr. Ringwald banged London's ass mercilessly with such sheer force that the boy was gasping loudly in heat with his mouth gaping open directly on painted Jesus' crotch. The man was fucking him as if trying to screw the very devil out of him."Jesus, your cock is so big! God, fuck me!" London moaned ironically, calling out the names of Dr. Ringwald's deities, only adding to the extreme taboo of the entire situation. He knew this would impassion the muscley doctor even more, enticing him to dominate him with all of his strength. "Oh God!" London grunted as he was banged with more passion than he had ever experienced."That does it," Dr. Ringwald spat angrily. He flipped the boy around and lifted him up pinning him against the painting of the crucified Jesus so that London's thighs lay in the doctor's biceps. "You're going to get what you deserve!" declared the horny straight father as he thrust in again, making sure to hit London's prostate directly, eliciting a shudder from the teen. Thinking about Papi's discipline fucks earlier had made him nostalgic for that feeling of being filled by your father. Dr. Ringwald's planned hits against his prostate in the name of discipline reminded him even more of Papi's fatherly fucks."Oh God, fuck me, daddy!" London moaned out involuntarily."That's right, I'm your daddy now and as God as my witness, I'm going to fuck the very devil out of you." Dr. Ringwald grunted animalistically into London's right ear before biting the teen on the neck. Now using only his dick and the painting of Jesus behind London to hold the boy up, the now fully dominant doctor stuck two fingers into the kid's mouth while spanking his ass five times with the other hand. By now, London had completely lost control over his body as his prostate became over stimulated by the passionate man's upward thrusts. The jock went slack in the arms of his fucker who continued to roughly handle the bubble butt before shoving it all the way down onto his throbbing cock and breeding it thoroughly. London experienced a series of multiple orgasms that he had only had during some of Papi's love making sessions. If not for the choir, the teen's gasps and moans along with the doctor's masculine grunts and groans would have been heard over the murmur of the reverend's sermons. With the final surge of cum that London could squeeze out of Dr. Ringwald's spurting dick, came the final "Hallelujah" of the chorus."Amen" breathed London before sharing his first passionate, wet kiss with the married father who continued to thrust into the helpless ass he thought he controlled.
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